The Authentic Community Covenant & Assessment is a tool for keeping small group meetings on track. It is easy for conversation to wander to pleasant but unproductive topics such as the weather of the latest ball game.

Authentic Community works best when the members of the group begin to share what is going on inside them, not around them.

At the end of a meeting, taking a few seconds to record answers to a few basic questions will help bring the awareness of the areas that are going well and also the areas that need a little more attention. This awareness allows you to identify those distractions that can take you off topic and make it easier to catch them in the future. The APP provides a simple measurement from 1 to 10 on how well you did with that area today. The first question, for example, is “Share what is going on ‘inside you’ not around you.” Did the meeting accomplish that? If so a higher score is in order. Did people get caught up in some other area of conversation? Then a lower score will tell you that you need more attention to focusing your sharing the next time you meet.

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