Helpful Resource: Bill & Linnea Heitzman

Linnea is founder of The Heitzman Group Recruitment Services. Linnea and her team are retained by businesses across diverse industries to source talent up and down the organization. Major disciplines are sales, operations, marketing, finance, human resources and technology across North America. Linnea has been in the sales management and recruiting fields for 25 years. Bill and Linnea serve together on the Arizona State Board of Young Life.

Bill is founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of Leadership Productivity Forum. The Forum equips leaders and their people to live happy, stress-free, inspired lives, and build distinctive profitable organizations.

Linnea attended the University of Denver and The University of Minnesota where she earned a nursing degree. Bill attended the University of Iowa in financial management. He has coauthored and self-published six books including Innovate or Die, Activating Your Firm’s Service Culture, Pursuit of the Summit: Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees and Customers.

Bill and Linnea have been married for 29 years. They have lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for their entire marriage. They have one daughter Billie, who lives in Santa Monica and works as a designer for an international advertising firm.


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