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Bible teacher, conference speaker, mentor, author and wife

Her background includes biblical training at Phoenix Seminary and more than 20 years of training and development in corporate America. Before launching her career as a writer, Christy was the Executive Director of an Advanced Training Center for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. Her train-the-trainer workshops were certified by Microsoft Corp. She managed the implementation team of the largest rollout of Microsoft NT in the U.S. for Boeing. As a corporate trainer for United Airlines, she developed both technical and business management training programs. Christy’s love for teaching grew from her early years training scientists Рgeophysicists, geologists and engineers Рhow to study the subsurface on a computer in the oil & gas industry.

Her book, Dare to Love a Man, was released in November 2015 followed by Beyond the Dare, a Personal Journal in 2016. Christy incorporates her personal and professional experience to share life-changing insights on relationships and romance.

She is the wife of 33 years to Jim and mother to son, Chris.

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