Helpful Resource: Dr. Dean Carlson

President of One Challenge, an international mission organization. After joining One Challenge in 1987, the Carlsons ministered for 20 years in Southern Africa where Dean served as field director and Africa area director. He worked to stimulate national church planting initiatives and build strategic networks across the region and continent in partnership with the Movement for African National Initiatives. In their current roles with One Challenge and the OC Global Alliance, they provide leadership, develop leaders and build collaboration between teams, organizations and networks for the advance of the Great Commission. Last year, the OC Global Alliance trained 150,000 leaders in 102 countries.

Dean earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies and wrote a dissertation on the impact of saturation church planting on the discipling of Zimbabwe.

Dean and Kathie met in college and have been married for 33 years. They love adventuring together in life and thrive on outdoor activities. Their three children, Rob, Kelsie and Todd, came to love and serve the Lord while growing up as missionary kids in Africa.


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