Helpful Resource: Dr. John Trent

Moody Theological Seminary – Gary. D. Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry; President of

BA from Texas Christian University in Psychology and Religion, ThM. in New Testament Greek at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Counseling at North Texas State University.

John has written extensively over the past 30 years. Latest books are a series of booklets on 30 Ways to Bless Your Son, Daughter, Husband or Wife; The Language of Marriage; and a book linking theologians and counselors on the greatness of marriage in God’s creation, The Language of Marriage.

Married to Cindy for 36 years, they have two outstanding grown daughters, Kari who has her MBA and leads a company called The Non-Profit Consulting Shop in Seattle, WA; and Laura, who is an emergency ward nurse in Dallas, TX.


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