Helpful Resource: Dr. Lawrence (Larry) J. Crabb

Founder/Director of NewWay Ministries. He is currently a Scholar in Residence at Colorado Christian University in Colorado, and a Visiting Professor for Richmont Graduate University in Georgia.

Ph.D.Clinical Psychology, University of Illinois, 1970, (Minors: Speech Therapy and Philosophy of Science), M.A. Clinical Psychology, University of Illinois, 1969., B.S.Psychology, Ursinus College, 1965

His most current book, A Different Kind of Happiness, is scheduled to be released in Spring, 2016. Among his other books are Inside Out, Understanding People, The Marriage Builder, Finding God, Connecting, Becoming a True Spiritual Community, The Pressure’s Off, Shattered Dreams, SoulTalk, The SoulCare Experience DVD, The PAPA Prayer, Real Church, 66 Love Letters, God’s Love Letters to You: A 40-day Devotional Experience based on his book 66 Love Letters, and his latest book, Fully Alive: A Biblical Vision of Gender that Frees Men and Women to Live Beyond Stereotypes.

Dr. Crabb and his wife of 46 years, Rachael, live in the Denver, Colorado area. They have two sons and five grandchildren.

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