Helpful Resource: Eric & Jennifer Garcia

Eric and Jennifer are the co-founders of the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM), which exists to train and resource churches for marriage and family ministry. Eric and Jennifer got their start at Scottsdale Bible Church serving on the Marriage Ministry team where they launched the Couple to Couple Marriage Mentoring Ministry as lay leaders. The success of this ministry opened up the opportunity to train churches nationally in this ministry model.

Eric is also a partner in The Advisory Group, a Scottsdale based corporate training company with an extensive list of corporate clients, including the US Military. For over 25, years they have specialized in strategic planning, time management, team building, and project management.

Eric and Jennifer are the creators of several training programs: Couple to Couple Marriage Mentoring, Life on Life for Couples, and Marriage and Family Ministry Made Simple. Most recently they have written The Greatest Untapped Outreach Opportunity booklet. They have developed The Relational Wealth Process, which they use in advising leadership couples and families.

The Garcias have been married 24 years and live in Phoenix with their four children; Hudson, Erika, Elliot and Wesley.

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