Helpful Resource: Holly DelHousaye

Holly is the founder and President of SoulWork, Inc., a mentoring ministry which uses materials she has created. Darryl and Holly created Second Wind, a ministry at Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ, to encourage Baby Boomers to finish strong. Holly served as Executive Director of the Center for Women with Vision at Phoenix Seminary from 2009-2013.

Holly obtained her PhT, (Putting Hubby Through) degree from Talbot Seminary, in honor of her enthusiastic support.

She is the author of SoulWork, a mentoring curriculum that provides a helpful structure for an in-depth mentoring experience. She has been formally mentoring women since 1999.

Married since 1970, Darryl and Holly have two married sons, John (Tiffany), and Kent (Stephanie). They also love being grandparents to six grandchildren.


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