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In her twenty-three-year career, Karen Ellis has been seen in classrooms, national conferences, on television, on film and onstage. From 1998-2007, Ellis hosted a morning-drive radio program on KWPZ in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Today Ellis teaches, writes and speaks on Human Rights, International Religious Freedom and the Persevering Church. She is an adjunct professor at Erskine Theological Seminary and Oxford Graduate School, a featured spokesperson for International Christian Response, and she works alongside other charity organizations that minister directly to the underground church in hostile regions.

Karen is also currently a PhD candidate in Church History at Oxford Center for Mission Studies in Oxford, England. She holds a Master of Art in Religion (M.A.R. Theological) from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a Master of Fine Art (M.F.A.) from the Yale School of Drama.

Ellis loves watching her passport fill up as she travels with her husband, theological anthropologist Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr. They have three amazing children, one grand-baby, and a life of adventure.


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