Helpful Resource: Linda Milner

Professional therapist, certified coach, corporate trainer and group facilitator, Linda Milner helps people create empowered, meaningful lives. She lectures and conducts seminars and workshops throughout the United States for corporations, churches, businesses, organizations and groups. Linda’s seminars cover topics such as; Communications, Personality Styles, Conflict Stress Reduction. She has created the highly successful “Journey to the Heart” experiential seminar retreat, which explores relationship issues with spouses, children, family and friends.

Formerly, Director of a hospital unit and owner of a private psychology practice. She also has hosted popular radio call-in programs in West Palm Beach, Florida and Wichita, Kansas. Linda currently owns a successful coaching practice Her clients include Boeing Aircraft, The Trane Company, The United States Army, EDS, The Jockey Club, The Organization of American States and DBM Orlando.

Linda was trained at Corporate Coach U, and the Graduate School of Coaching at Coachville.