Patience, expectations, and a trip to Sacramento

God designed us to be relational. When we get in sync with that, life just flows. One recent example is a flight that I took up to Sacramento. I had a return flight in the afternoon, a flight that was going to get me back in time for home fellowship. As the plane backed away from the gate, the captain announced that we had a warning light on a baggage door and we were going to pull back in. Maintenance predicted a half hour and we would be on our way. Then it was maybe an hour. Then they came back and the flight was canceled. The next flight was the following morning, so we just got on the phone to check for other flights. It turned out that all I had to do was walk over to the other terminal and get on a Southwest flight.

So I got home, but my wife was already asleep. I woke up the next morning and realized, “Uhlmann, there was no irritation through that whole event!” Previously, I would have been just in a knot. “They can’t be doing this, they should have better service than this!” So there I was the next morning, realizing that it was just a process and that it was perfectly smooth. You don’t have to get all irritated about things; that’s what I am experiencing that leads to an abundant life.

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