Changing Us (New Book)

Steve and Barbara Uhlmann embarked on a study of what could be done to improve the quality of marriage and reduce the high levels of divorce they saw around them. The result was a deeper understanding of the principles of change and the vital role learning to Love Like Jesus plays in finding happiness and contentment in life. In Changing Us, Steve shares the key elements he discovered: Learning to Love Like Jesus, Rocks in the Road, and how to develop Authentic Community.

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Plastic Promises (Book)

Fueled by material success and part time Christianity, Steve and Barbara Uhlmann’s love story seemed to be a fairytale, but they had everyone–including themselves–fooled. This honest and vulnerable story of hard work and self-discovery tells how they brought life back to their marriage.

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The Primacy of Our Faith: To Love Like Jesus (book)

If the teaching of Jesus could be encapsulated in a single concept, what would He have considered the most important directive? In this compelling study of the purpose of Scripture, Dr. Darryl DelHousaye defines the New Commandment: Love One Another, illustrating the practical application of love in everyday life and the primacy of love for Christian faith and practice.

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John the Beloved: How the Son of Thunder Became the Apostle of Love (book)

John the Apostle has become known as the Apostle of Love, writing more about love than all the other New Testament writers combined. He wasn’t always viewed with such reverence, however. Long before he became “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” his consuming temper earned him the nickname “Son of Thunder.” In John the Beloved, Dr. Darryl DelHousaye presents some of his observations gleaned from a lifelong fascination with this enigmatic and revered apostle. At the foundation of John’s remarkable transformation lies the simple truth of the Gospel of Jesus, as expressed by John in his last years of ministry: “My little children, love one another…if this is done, it is all-sufficient.”

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