Resource: Family

There are a lot of resources on Love, marriage, relationships available online. At the Agape Project, it is important to us to curate the resources that we believe to fit into our desire to see transformation happen from the inside out. We are continuously on the look out for individuals and organizations that could be helpful to you.

This resource section of the website is designed to introduce you to many of them and the ministries they represent.

In addition, we work in collaboration with our sister organization the Agape Project. Recently this group held a 2 day symposium on Love & Transformation attended by over 70 leaders from around the country. There are several of these leaders listed in this section as well.

Linda Milner

Professional therapist, certified coach, corporate trainer and group facilitator, Linda Milner helps people create empowered, meaningful lives. She lectures and conducts seminars and workshops throughout the United States for corporations, churches, businesses, organizations and groups. Linda’s seminars cover topics such as; Communications, Personality Styles, Conflict Stress Reduction. She has created the highly successful “Journey to … Continued

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